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Ziggy presents… The ”Heeey, I like books… AND THE X-FILES!" Giveaway Contest!

In celebration of a friend’s birthday, we’re having a little raffle! We decided to combine the two things we love most: Books and The X-Files! We put together a three books and two magazines, all great for an X-Files fan. 

1st Prize: “The X-Files: Book of the Unexplained (vol. 1)” by Jane Goldman

The facts behind the fiction! With exclusive input from the cast and creators of The X-Files and remarkable revelations from the world’s leading investigators, scientists and officials, The X-Files: Book of the Unexplained is a book no X-Files fan or inquisitive reader can afford to miss. Hardcover.

2nd Prize: “The Unofficial X-Files Companion: an X-Phile’s Guide to the Mysteries, Conspiracies and Really Strange Truths behind the Show” by N. E. Genge

Did you know Gillian Anderson once had her Vancouver house cleansed of an unusual presence by a Native American shaman? Did you know the dog in “Ice” is the real-life father of David Duchovny’s dog, Blue? From Werewolves to pheromones to cannibalistic rituals, from psychic channeling to artificial intelligence to rapid aging disease, The Unofficial X-Files Companion offers deep background information on the program’s fascinating and often bizarre topics. Bloopers, trivia tests, and behind-the-scenes details about the show and its key characters make this book the ultimate reference for all X-Philes. Paperback

3rd Prize: “What’s Your X-Files IQ?” by Marc Shapiro

This challenging and entertaining trivia quiz book, peppered with oddities and little-known facts, is sure to appeal to X-Philes of all types. With over 1,000 questions and answers for fans, this book is designed to amuse, surprise and challenge obsessed and more casual X-Philes. Paperback.

4th Prize: The X-Files Magazine, Issue #1: Special Collector’s Edition

  • Interview with Chris Carter
  • Behind-the-scenes of season 2
  • Poster
  • Mini-comic inside

5th Prize: The X-Files Magazine, Issue #2: Special Collector’s Edition

  • Interview with Mitch Pillegi
  • Exclusive inside look at The Lone Gunmen
  • Poster
  • Mini-comic inside
Contest ends JULY 1ST! Which means there is plenty of time for you to put your name a few times (without flooding your dashboards. Yuck!) Contest is worldwide and shipping is covered by us! Good luck, everyone! 
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